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  • Viral Article Distribution

  • Corporate Company Landing Page

  • Custom Banner Advertising Packages

  • Investor Outreach and Awareness Campaigns                 

  • Press Release Dissemination and Impact

  • Social Media Coverage

  • Website Evaluation For Clarity and Impact

  • Media Buying

  • Analytic Setup and Support

  • Published Editorials

  • Investor Lead Generation

  • Professional Writing Services

  • Blogging



Meridian Ventures assists companies with smaller market caps reach the highest and most appropriate valuation by leveraging traditional and new communications strategies that attract investors organically. Through our network of financial media relationships, we are able to clearly and efficiently broadcast our clients' investment potential and corporate vision.



Our sole mission is to help companies establish, grow and maintain a healthy retail investor base.  


Unfortunately, there is more to standing out than issuing press releases and reporting financials. 


The era we live in now forces companies to either adapt to ever changing technology and media or be overlooked. 


Our expertise will make sure investors never overlook your company again!

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